Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rapper cuts off penis and firetrucks crash into each other into restaurant

"Investigators are trying to determine what prompted a rapper linked to the Wu-Tang Clan to cut off his penis and jump from a second-story apartment Wednesday in North Hollywood."

Rapper survives cutting off penis, leap from second-floor apartment 

Stirring video of the aftermath of a double fire truck crash with one truck ending up in a Chinese restaurant, Lu's Dumpling house. You can see someone trapped by medal in the video link

"The video, shot by an employee from inside Lu's Dumpling House off Emerson and Garfield avenues, shows the restaurant's dining area in disarray, with tables and chairs toppled over and what appears to be a person wedged between the front of the firetruck and restaurant furniture. The restaurant's mangled metal window framing dangles from the ceiling."

Firetruck crash: Cellphone video shows chaotic scene inside restaurant