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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Adventure Time: Season 3 Review Finn is Jean Luc Picard?

Adventure Time: Season 3 

Adventure Time: Season 3 collects all 26 episodes from the third season of Adventure Time in a wonderful BMO wrapper.

TTDILA covered what the inside of the DVD looks like. The slipcase, which when removed shows of BMO's insides including his gold heart.

Season 3 sees the entrance of some fan favorite characters such as the hot Flame Princess voiced by Jessica DiCicco and the CONSTANTLY YELLING Lemongrab.

You have many episodes upping the weird by like a million thanks to a big bunch of storyboard artists from indie comics backgrounds.

The look of "Memory of a Memory" is still hauntingly beautiful for the simplicity used on black and white backgrounds to explain searching the mind. The episodes also introduces the "buff baby" song of Finn.

The gender-bent episode of Fionna and Cake enters into the shows log created out of one of the artists on the shows doodles, thanks to Miss Natasha Allegri.

You have the trying to get an Oscar "Thank You" episode which barely has Finn and Jake in it. It played locally in Burbank for one week to qualify for an Oscar, which it did not get. It's about a snow man trying to get a fire pup back to it's fire land. It's like watching Homeward Bound with less talking animals.

Commentary on every episode lets you into the world that the writers walk. An addition to any DVD set for those who want to learn more about their favorite shows.

Adventure Time: Season 3 out on DVD and Blu-Ray has two extra features. 
1. The opening in legos
2. How an episode is made featurette

Did you know Finn is partially based on Jean Luc Picard from Star Trek The Next Generation? That's Pen Ward's, creator of AT, own words on why Finn acts like a leader and a hero. He makes decisions.

The "how an episode is made" feature puts Pen Ward and top AT staff Kent Osborne and the big headed Adam Muto in the AT storyboard room for discussing how the show is written.

Though it skims over how much of actual animation is made we get some great insight into how episodes are written.

The feature is mixed with way too many cut-aways to past episodes; just too many clips. Whoever was the editor did a terrible job. 

Pen Ward explains how creepy he is to be around in person.

As always, just would have liked more features and behind the scenes info.