Friday, April 18, 2014

Son of Batman Leaked Online

Son of Batman, WB Animation's latest film to video was suppose to premiere at WonderCon 2014. The film however leaked online, raising questions again about how Warner Bros Animation manages it's information and what does a premiere matter when a film presents itself online first.

Attendees of WonderCon could have simply found a copy of Son of Batman online days before the premiere that took place Friday evening with a an encore presentation Sunday. Does it matter to see it for the first time if everyone else can already grab it online?

What is Warner Bros doing to manage these leaks as this was not the first of their animated films to get leaked online early? If they did change their pipeline of content it doesn't seem to have worked.

Son of Batman is an adaptation of Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert's 2006 Batman and Son storyline. The film is set to be released officaly on May 6, 2014.