Monday, April 21, 2014

Bob's Burgers WonerCon Panel Highlights

Bob's Burgers  showrunner and series creator and sort of a girls name Loren Bouchard gave out two delicious details at this year's WonderCon panel.

1. A comic book based on the show is in the works, set to come out this year. Loren did look at the current market of comics based on cartoons naming the Adventure Time comic as an inspiration to make something worthy of fans to pick up. No reveal as who will be writing, doing the art or publishing.

2. A soundtrack from the show will be coming out. It will be released on iTunes with some of the shortest little bits finally being available to fans. Remixes are being considered.

When the cast was asked about knowing if they were famous from the show Dan Mintz, the voice of Tina said, "If someone recognized my voice on a service customer call." Which hasn't happened, yet.

Kristen Schaal, the voice of Luise added that the show at least needs to be in President's Obama's State of the Union Address until it feels like it's become that popular.

Loren added they are trying to do a cross-over on their side of animation with Archer, but haven't figured out what yet.