Friday, April 11, 2014

Not Pokemon But Pokemon Books

Capture Creatures Deluxe Edition
$80.00 +Shipping 
Capture Creatures Regular Edition
$40.00 +Shipping

TTDILA thought there might be some sort of collection of Capture Creatures through the Gallery Nucleus store where Capture Creatures had it's own art show, no. Instead it was just found online at random.

"A 300+ page hardcover collection of 151 powerful and adorable creatures inspired by Pokemon. Hand-painted by Becky Dreistadt, each with a description written by Frank Gibson. The deluxe edition features a three-piece cloth hard-cover with a screen-printed ribbon bookmark and a color bookplate signed by the authors."

The Exquisite Beast DELUXE Edition
$60.00 +Shipping
The Exquisite Beast Regular Edition
$30.00 +Shipping
"A book of one hundred ink drawings by Yuko Ota and Evan Dahm. The two artists took turns advancing a creature through steps of a strange evolutionary process. Printed in two colors. Hardcover. The deluxe edition is hardcover with cloth and fake leather binding, and a ribbon bookmark. "

Pokemon Trio Sprite Portrait 3-Poster Set

"The three original Pokemon starters - Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle - are recreated here in extremely intricate sprite portraits. This technique involves painstakingly creating vector sprites and arranging them to create detailed illustrations. When viewed from a distance they're immediately recognizable as the adorable Pokemon that they are."