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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bartkira May 1

Do you still have the music stuck in your head from Akira? Now mash it with The Simpsons themes song. Then you might feel like reading Bartkira an insane project comprised of 768 artists that have redone the Akira manga and changed all the characters to be from The Simpsons. The art and release of a specialty edition book will take place this May 1st at Floating World Comics, Portland, Oregon.

Images from the artists, so many in number, have been cascading around the net, finally we can see some of the end result of everyone's work. The gallery will feature a special 100 page book to buy and feature the art on it's walls.

Frans Boukas, creator of the Bartkira Committee and massive project will be in attendance with some of its members.

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