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Friday, April 4, 2014

The Chinese Theatre does not have real IMAX

Yelper Reuben R. explains how the Chinese Theatre doesn't have a real IMAX, it's a LieMAX!

"The screen size at the Chinese Theatre used to be 30 ft. tall x 70 ft. wide, but the theater underwent a renovation in mid-2013, replacing its seating and screen with stadium seating and an IMAX-branded screen. Increasing the screen size and converting the seating to a stadium configuration required digging 15 ft. below the original lower seat line and extending the grade all the way up to where there used to be stairs in the back. The overall effect is that the theater now looks smaller with the rear half of seats coming up so high, but it doesn't detract from the presentation.

NOTE: Traditional full-size IMAX screens have an aspect ratio of 1.43:1 and are typically 72 ft. tall or higher. The TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX screen has an aspect ratio of 1.90:1 and is 47.2 ft. tall x 90 ft. wide. Not quite a faux "LieMAX" screen due to its overall large size, but don't expect the seven story tall experience you'd get at the California Science Center IMAX.

You can also see "real" IMAX theaters at AMC Universal Citywalk 19, Rave Motion Pictures 18, and Edwards Irvine Spectrum 21, but those cinemas frequently show first-run movies in a widescreen aspect ratio that doesn't fill the whole screen."