Friday, September 6, 2013

Halloween 2013 Update: Corn Maze, Purging and Dead Walking

16th Annual Halloween Harvest Festival
September 27th thru Nov 3rd.
20800 Victory Blvd. (SE Corner of De Soto and Victory)
 at Pierce College in Woodland Hills
Festival Hours 10 AM - 10 PM Sun - Thurs
10 AM - 12 AM Fri - Sat

The Corn Maze Hours
Corn Maze will be open everyday
10 AM - 10 PM Sun - Thurs
10 AM - 12 AM Fri - Sat

Corn maze, corn maze, corn maze. A maze of corn awaits you be it day or night. One of your fears won't be hunger, but still you probably shouldn't eat any of that corn.

For the kids and family from the press release

"a 5-acre corn maze, A Haunted House, A 2 acre Haunted Trail, Hay Rides, Bungee Bounce, Rock Climbing, Pony Rides, A Petting Zoo, gem stone mining Food, Live Music and Entertainment"

for the adults you have the FrightFair Scream Park featuring the Factory of Nightmare Haunted House, Creatures of the Corn Haunted Trail and Insane Reaction. This part only happens at night starting at 7pm.

Here's the press release with much more info on what's happening. This event is clocking in between a hour thirty and two and a half hours, sounds crazy. If you've enjoyed the film, The Purge, you have to go to this warped interactive play.

In this new type of horror-theater, guests become “delegates” to the annual convention of the New Founding Fathers, the dystopian governing party of a near-future America, in which all crime is legal once a year for 12 hours.

Once delegates are inside, the immersive horror-theater experience begins in the grand theater of the New Founding Fathers Headquarters.  There, they will participate in the annual Founder’s Convention – which is held each year on Purge Night.

But the visiting delegates will quickly discover that not all Americans believe in the Purge, and that the intense opposition can have frightening, even deadly, consequences.

As they explore, delegates may find themselves complicit in the shocking acts undertaken by a warped government … directly threatened by hostile dissenters … or intrigued by the mysterious lives of elected officials.  With every step, they will be drawn deeper into the New Founding Fathers Headquarters.

Politicians, patriots, dissidents and traitors will directly engage delegates, who will be encouraged to interact with their surroundings and take their own time discovering the long-hidden, carefully guarded secrets of Purge Night and the New Founding Fathers of America

Admission to THE PURGE: FEAR THE NIGHT starts at $65, and is open to anyone 18 years of age or older. Tickets will be distributed on a timed-entry basis, and are available beginning today at, where guests can also learn more about the event.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, October 13 at 9pm AMC.