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Friday, September 6, 2013

Game Hype: Mercenary Kings Not That Fun, Capcom Needs to Sue Comcept USA

Visually this game is fantastic, sadly gameplay sucks.

Mercenary Kings lacks the speed and feel of Metal Slug for slow as Hell missions. Why the designers over a Tribute Games chose this feel and the annoyance of having to reload your weapon after bullets run out make the game feel very different from a fast-paced shooter. It's like a Ratchet and Clank game in 16-bit without fun gameplay.

It's a huge let down.

Capcom Needs to Sue Comcept USA

Mighty No. 9 looks like an amazing game, it also looks like a different reality Mega Man. The new company comes from Kenji Inafune, a former Capcom employee. Many former employees have joined him on this terrific looking game that obviously is telling Capcom to go f itself. It's Mega Man. Drew Wise will do a shirt combing the two's helmets. The damn name of the company is Comcept, little close to Capcom. It's the next Mega Man game.

To save face Capcom needs to sue them, say they're stealing Mega Man, that everything that members of Comcept came up with was while working for Capcom. There are so many meaningless suits in the US and this would be a great chance to jsut hurt the new company. Apparently, with all the people behind it they couldn't get investors or a bank loan? Crush them with your lawyers Capcom, just out of principal and spite. The same spite you killed off all those other Mega Man titles and put that ugly Mega Man in Tekken.

How bad are our banks here that they couldn't get a loan for this game? What the Hell did you do with the 10 million yen capital you had for the business Comcept?

Also, why is the company comcept USA, LLC, thought it's based in Japan? Business loophole to exploit taxes or something? Go after them on that too Capcom. I think the need a physical location to be taxed proper.

Just send a wave of lawsuits there way.