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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Anime Hype: DBZ Package, Ninja-Con Did That Happen?

Photos by Keith Birmingham รข staff photographer PSN (Keith Birmingham)
Los Angeles' Ninja-Con convention brings surprises from Pasadena Star-News is torn up by one anime fan going by A9ent 760 as being insulting more than informative over the first Ninja-Con. Some really great arguments that break down the whole article on the event. Here's some of it

"Cosplay can be perceived as cross-dressing: Boys become female characters and girls don masculine costumes. But Jocelyn Alcazar said cosplay has no relation to LA PRIDE, which takes place in West Hollywood this weekend."

COMMENT: In the cosplay community, there is cosplay and "crossplay", where a cosplayer dresses up in a character of the opposite sex. This doesn't mean that crossplayers are gay, however. It's almost like when someone dresses in drag at a costume party. LA Pride has nothing to do with cosplay and wasn't even mentioned anywhere in the article.

""It transcends genders," said Alcazar, who has spent as much as three hours to look perfect in her costumes. "It's about expressing your fandom. You have to love your characters to wear leggings, to bind your chest. It's harder than it looks."

COMMENT: I don't even know where to begin with the ending of this article. You start the article discussing the event itself; then you jump into moral judgments about the community that don't represent everyone that are fans of anime, manga and cosplay; then jump back to talking about the convention and why it was created; and finish the article with a quote that makes everyone in the anime community look like complete and total geeks and freaks. This was probably the most poorly written article about Ninja-Con and about cosplay that I have read in a while. You need to do more research about the community that you are writing about and probably learn a thing or two about sticking to one subject and doing it well.

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