Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wii U Experience LA Thanks Nintendo

Nintendo!!!! What you planned over three days this September in LA and over these United States of America was just pure gaming goodness. From an extremely precise scheduling system, to ensuring everyone getting a chance to play and free cookies and chocolate mustaches I must say, "Great Job", here's a bunch of stickers. Just like the speed of getting people in for the Nintendo Conference, I attended for E3, your management skills of getting everyone in were just above the rest. No blazing hot sun and growing pains metaphor like the victims of Comikaze Expo for you Nintendo.

So how was it? After you got in and were greeted with high fives, the same way you left, you entered a almost blue Willy Wonka style room where everything was Nintendo. You could see Nintendo, play Nintendo and even eat Nintendo, that had Wii U cookies, the hash tag was a bit too much, but still good.

 Experiencing the Wii U, made me want to get one outright. Games covering the walls and around corners let every group that was led in a chance to play something fun. They could dance to Dance Central or beat up jerks with Batman in Arkham City: Armor Edition.

Titles and titles galore with friendly staff explaining controls. Playing New Super Mario Bros Wii U was grand. You can help your friends by creating new platforms or taping enemies to knock them out. However, I abused this power and killed the other players by blocking them in and knocking shells into them. In another twist if you had a kid playing with you and want to be more part of the game, you could really help them out building platforms along the way. I hope to see a commercial like that.

Getting the fancy new controller in my hands again was like unwrapping a birthday present that you new wasn't clothes. It's light enough to hold for a while, but I could see a slim version of it. Drawing on it is like any other touch screen today and the clarity looks good. From the games that are party related it's function seems always that of the master or person behind the scenes. I'd like to see more that have you managing and just playing, but there's plenty of time.

Goin' into games again.,P-10, now The Wonderful 101 was a fun beast to tackle. Forming a super hero sentai group to take down huge enemies is another stroke of genius from Platinum Games. Mastering the controls were a bit odd, but being able to form a giant sword out of people to fight giant alien robots really makes your day.

Party games galore with Nitendoland! I tried at least three different titles that made me want to come back and try again. One game had you eating candy and getting fatter and fatter and someone with a fork chasing after you, it was one of many silly addictive titles. One included a version of tag, another the Luigi Mansion spin-off title where you hunt a ghost with a flashlight. Nintendoland is an instant party game and with up to five players and overload of fun.

Pikmin 3 was on non-stop line, but Scribblenauts had people creating whole bizarre creatures and many times Cthulu. People were active with the Wii Fit U and there was also Rayman Legends. I'm just sad there was no Zombi U demo to play. Oh, but Wario Ware was back and better than ever with beyond odd games like one which require me to photograph wrong-doers and another where arrows with Wario's nose were attached were flung at robots.

Nintendo didn't need to do the Wii U Experience for America, but it wanted to and that's the loyalty to fans that really counts. I'm just sorry there's no new racing game this year from them, it's going to be sad missing them at the LA Auto Show this year.

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