Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Quick Review


Oh baby, how do I explain Quick and not be fast about it. Well, I'll slow it down for you. Let me light some candles.
(Background music) ... "Let's get it on!"

 Quick tell me your thoughts on Korean films totally making fun of American films like Speed! Well, with you in that mind set we have a lovely film here for you called Quick, I'll be reviewing right now.
Quick is the story of the fastest delivery boy on a motorcycle in Korea, Gi-Su. He"s got the skills, moves and speed to deliver anything you need. Including bombs... wait bombs? Boom! Yes, it seems our delivery gets caught up delivering bombs, but that's only part of his problems. His ex-girlfriend, Chim-Su, now a pop idol called A-Rom, got on his bike to get to a gig fast. She put on a helmet with a timer on it. Y'know a bomb helmet, so fashionable, so deadly. So know if A-Rom takes off the helmet or Gi-Su stops delivering bombs, say good-bye to getting kisses, cuz you won't have lips, a head or an upper torso.
This is action-thriller-comedy in the vain of Jackie Chan. Motorcycle stunts include building hops, train catching, explosions, going through glass windows and driving through crowded streets. Like a Jackie Chan film the streets are filled with activity including some sort of festival, clowns and of course a fashion show. Who doesn't like driving through a fashion show.
 The real fun might be the main actors. Gi-Su and A-Rom are a great pair to see struggling on a bike and in some sort of a relationship. It's almost like a bad sitcom going on during a terrible day of people trying to kill you. Chim-Su being in this band leads to some great moments including still having to make it to a performance with a bomb on her head. At this point if she leaves Gi-Su's side more than a few feet her head will explode. It really makes the thriller stand out that every few minutes in a new part of the plot is revealed or another problems occurs.
I've been waiting for a year now since seeing this film in theaters and it stands up still seeing it again. The motorcycle stunts, the third wheel whose in love with A-Rom and some fictitious bomb technology make it worth screening in you home.
With all the bells and whistles you get some great making of extras showing how they shot scenes and got explosions to blow. The dub is just awful, please stick with subtitles, you missing the emotions and just sense of comedy from the actors on the dub. I tried the dub starting out, but it just got so annoying and the mouth movements didn't even sync.

 The Blu-ray was provided by the publisher for review.