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Monday, September 17, 2012

Resident Evil 6 Launch Party Flyer Redone

I might be sick of Resident Evil after the terrible movie that came out last weekend, but here's my redesign of the flyer for the launch party at the end of the month for game seis. Please come up with your own and send them over to Capcom Unity or send them to me via the site's e-mail.

The flyer could be improved more and I just jumped on my initial idea instead of  brainstorming multiple ideas. It's a joke legal letter warning you about the party. I tired overlaying text for a more grim photo-copy editor look, but the text came out bad in early drafts.I wish I kept my typewriter, darn.

I used Umbrella's main symbol, but I wanted it to be sort of an info graphic giving you info or at least a triangle having a slice of info, maybe I should have just turned the Umbrella logo into a pizza.