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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sep 18 DVD Reminder: Suburgatory: First Season, The Mentalist: Fourth Season and Supernatural: Season Seven

Supernatural: The Complete Seventh Season

I have to say I'm amazed that this show got it's own anime and is being run by the guy who created "The Tick". Once again a sho for guys, because of the horror and fighting, for the ladies, two hunky brothers.

"In Season 7, Sam and Dean fight demons. Real demons, like Lucifer, who tortures Sam with visions of Hell. Private demons, as the brothers face a traumatic personal loss when Bobby is cut down by alien forces. And as Sam and Dean travel the back roads of America, hunting monsters who wreak havoc on the innocent, a new and more terrible foe hunts them: Leviathans, freed from Purgatory and immune to the brothers' arsenal of weapons and cunning. With Bobby gone, all Sam and Dean can rely on is each other. But will that be enough? Uncover the terrifying revelations in this 4-disc, 23-episode Season 7"

Suburgatory: The Complete First Season

"Manicured lawns. Cookie-cutter homes. Big lips. Little nose jobs. Synchronized sprinkler systems that erupt at the exact same time. A massive mall, the mecca for mass-consumerism and soggy food-court cuisine. Welcome to the suburbs, heaven for many. But for one teenage transplant from New York City, the suburbs represent her unique version of hell. Forget purgatory -- this is Suburgatory. Suburgatory is a family comedy that asks us not to judge our neighbors until we've gardened in their clogs. It is also about one man's struggle to answer the question that has plagued parents for all time: Is the safe choice really the right choice?"

The Mentalist: The Complete Fourth Season

"In Season Four of The Mentalist, Simon Baker returns as Patrick Jane, consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI), solving the state's toughest homicides. After gunning down serial killer Red John during Season 3's explosive finale, the question remains -- is the man Jane shot really Red John? When it comes to The Mentalist, the truth is often elusive. And with a new boss, puzzling new cases, and Red John never far from his mind, Jane will need his keen skills of observation, manipulative theatrics and smooth charm to sidestep the system that stands in the way of the truth. "