Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Blumhouse of Horrors

Blumhouse of Horrors Announced

From the guy who brought you Paranormal Activity comes his own Haunted house with select dates in October. This seems like someone going well past the normal veil of being both in the industry and enjoying scaring people. There is a certain "Play" that will be returning with that kind of backing, but that's another post.

What frights await you? Hmm, there's a whole old-school magician theme that's gonna put some dark magic in you. I'll be sure to have more in future updates, but for now read more about the experience below.

Here's the best excerpts from the pr release:

Visitors will tour the twisting corridors of an eerily haunted theater whose stage was home to one of the world’s most deranged, dark art magicians during the heyday of 1920s vaudeville. That is, until one tragic performance when his assistant climbed into a magical box and vanished forever. The theater was shut down instantly and permanently closed to the public … until now.

Filled with terrifying sights, sounds and smells, The Blumhouse of Horrors will bring visitors face-to-face with the ghostly spirits of the magician and his disciples -all of whom continue to hone their craft, on the lookout for volunteers for tricks that could end in disappearance or death.

Blumhouse will offer special promotions, giveaways and contests through Facebook and Twitter at Facebook.com/blumhouse and Twitter.com/blumhouse.

The Blumhouse of Horrors is taking over the 88-year-old Variety Arts Theater building, located at 940 South Figueroa Street, between 9th and 10th Streets. Once known as “The Playhouse,” the building hosted performances by industry greats like Laurel & Hardy and Clark Gable and featured speeches by historical figures like Eleanor Roosevelt and Dorothy Parker. The event provides rare access for visitors to explore one of Los Angeles’ most historic and well-preserved cultural sites.

  • The Blumhouse of Horrors will be open from 6 p.m. to midnight, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from October 4th through October 28th; and then Monday, October 29th, through Saturday, November 3rd.

  • The experience is appropriate for children ages 12 and up and there will be select weekend daytime “lights on” experiences for younger children.