Monday, September 3, 2012

Two Art Shows From PAX, Why Couldn't They Just Be In LA?

I guess we get Comikaze Expo shortly, but video game art rules and it was around PAX in two separate art shows.

First up was The Press Start Show @ LTD Gallery and above you'll see Andrew Wilson's new piece of as... I mean "Birth of Peach". I guess whevener he wasn't making Moo cards hewas working on this fine piece of Peach. Here's some of my other favorite pieces from the show. Dear Miyamoto, is that how Yoshi was created?
 Fangamer Versus Attract Mode brings together Fangamer and Attract Mode artists battling to the death with their art, but really just showing their stuff. I don't know if anyone physically picked up their art to kill with it in a battle to the death, but it sounds like a great premise for a foreign film.

 Easily my favorite piece, poor ol' Nemesis somehow eventered the world of Plants Vs Zombies, if this game was real it would be a must buy for me. Please, Capcom and PopCap, consider it.

 Whatever place of fine dining there at it's going to be understocked. I get Kirby, Bonk and Yoshi, but have no idea about the other person.
At this point I think Jude Buffum just wants to make hilarious mini-games for a new WarioWare game or do I just want him to? When we going to have the time traveling president dinosaur game, Jude?