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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Resident Evil: Retribution Review I Need Retribution For Seeing This Film

Don't see it. Warning you right now, don't waste your money, catch it on TV when you're bored.

Going into Resident Evil: Retribution, I believed it was going to restart the series. Alice had just been in Wonderland or virtual reality, but no. What I saw was so mediocre of a film and such a recapitulated waste of time that it would have been better just to rewatch the other films in the series. It's not even a so bad it's good film. Doug Benson would have problems making fun of it.

What should have been a brand new film was a complete and total retread of previous films in the series and I don't mean similar I mean director Anderson went back to old scenes from past films and even went into other zombie films. The money wasted on this could have produced multiple, better films with brand new stories and characters, even creating their own franchises.

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Paul Anderson, must have lost his mind on this one. No new bosses, a clone factory out of Willy Wonka and the worst plot ever. The acting in this was so stale I thought Ada Wong was a robot at one point.

So right after the last film in the series and I have watched them all in order, Alice is captured by the evil Umbrella Corporation. Of course, Claire and Chris Redfield are just gone now. They were right next to her at the end of the last film and just don't exist anymore in this film.

Alice the star of the previous films and our heroine wakes up in an underwater Umbrella testing facility/ clone factory/ huge waste of money that makes no sense. Ada Wong some agent of Wesker(bad guy) tells her she needs to get out and they make there way through a huge preposterous facility composed of fake parts of cities like New York and Tokyo. The way this idea was presented is what made it so stupid and the explanation behind it of Umbrella wanting to demonstrate biological warfare made it so far fetched I wanted to leave the theater.

 Just for nerds sake the facility was bought by Umbrella from the Russians, so the sickle and hammer appears on elevators and other parts of the facility. Umbrella is so pompous in these films they create entire rooms based around their company logo of a red and white umbrella. So Umbrella was too lazy to take down the hammer and sickle logos? It's just odd to see it up on a wall next to Umbrella Corporation's logo embossed submarines also bought from Russia. Was director Anderson trying to say something about the Cold War? Don't know, but it doesn't look right.

Anyway, Alice has to get out of the facility before it's blown up and that's where the meaningless B-Team comes in. One of the B-Team members is Leon S. Kennedy, whose in the games. I wonder who of the B- Team will survive. The y have to meet up to get out.

There's plot holes like Wesker's alive, when I'm fairly sure he blew up, unless he's also a clone? Where are the Refields? Whose cleaning up the fake cities of corpses and the mayhem. When did Alice learn sign language?

Alice gets a clone daughter at one point, because they make clones of Alice with assumed memories. In one scenario in the fake cities a clone Alice mom has a kid and dies protecting it from zombies. Michelle Rodriguez reprises her role as an Umbrella agent and as a clone as do other past cast members who died which came off as extremely odd.

Red Queen a computer program that ran Umbrella is back and no wants all humanity dead, why? So she sends old enemies from the films after Alice and the B-Team.

One of the strangest parts was seeing the starting sequence of one of the films in the series having Alice inserted into it. It came off as such a bizarre sight. To see the same scene, but now years later seeing Alice start fighting in it made no sense. That scene happened in that films series real Japan, so know that scene is completely recapture for a facility underground by Umbrella? What the Hell is that?

Here's another problem,we see a new flying monster at the end of the film, but Alice doesn't fight it. She fights the same old enemies again and again in this movie. Why don't I just watch them.

There's no seen that stood out and the plot was so thin. You could figure what was going to happen by the end in seconds. The bad guys are going to take the submarine, (sarcasm) no I didn't see that coming.

So eventually, Alice gets out of fake city/clone metropolis and fights super zombie Michelle Rodriguez, who I don't think is named in the film at anytime. Then she rips off a robot on Jill Valentine and makes her no longer controlled by Red Queen and they all go to Washington to meet President Wesker. If you haven't seen the film, Wesker going super speed and injecting Alice will probably make no sense Good to newcomers, Anderson.

It's a retread, an utterly vacant of anything new or enticing retread. It's old bosses, some new really less scary zombies that can fire guns, poorly I might add.  An entire zombie battalion against five guys and they couldn't just shoot any of  them once?We see a new flying monster at the end, but Alice doesn't fight them at any point in the film.

Anderson actually left the film open for another sequel. Anderson should just go into directing action sequences only. If he keeps this up he'll be the next Micheal Bay of utterly meaningless stories with action. Just go work for Micheal Bay, Anderson.

I'll always love those Umbrella Corporation shots and cool tech, but you can't write anymore or have any resemblance of a story.

Acting was on par with old video game sprites who would seem more alive then some performers who look like they just bridged the gap from pornos to soap operas.

Fans of both previous films and the game series will hate it.