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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Halloween 2012 LA Update: Halloween Hot Sauces, Knott's, Universal Commerial

Here's another Halloween update, be sure to check the right side of the site for all future Halloween events. Oddly, enough Disney will be the first Halloween park open tomorrow, but I don't think you compare the experiences to the other major theme parks with their mazes and ghouls.

Halloween Hot Sauce
It looks like Haunted Hot Sauces are now Halloween Hot Sauces. I'd have to go with Spider Venom as it reminds me of the green Ghoul Drool sauce of yesteryear. There are much spicier ones to try like Bloody Bat and Grinning Skull. I'd order now and have it safe for Halloween. I'm going to miss the coffins that came with the other hot sauces, from last year.

Get them here

Check out the commercial for Universal this year.

I'd get your Knott's Scary Farm tickets now, while there on sale.

 Sept. 21-22 and 27-30 and Oct. 4-7, 11-14, 18-21, 25-28 and 30-31.

The LA Times has a break down of the new mazes. I like going on the water rides in the dark myself. I'll have more info when the Knott's site is up, same for Six Flags Shriekfest.

Trapped -- The VIP maze, a first for Knott's, will allow up to six visitors through at a time, promising an uptick in the frequency and intensity of scares. Pre-sale reservations will be available, with $60 tickets sold online in advance and the price jumping to $75 for walk-ups on the day of the event. At least one member of the party must be 17 or older. Visitors will be issued a specific start time for the maze and access to a VIP waiting area. (Located in the Laser Tag area)

Evil Dead -- Based on the 2013 remake of the classic horror movie, the maze takes visitors through the woods to a deserted cabin where a horde of demons unleashed from the "Book of the Dead" await. (Located in the Timber Mountain Log Ride)

Dominion of the Dead -- The revamped version of the late 1990s vampire maze returns with visitors entering the shadowy world of the undead. The tour through the twisted museum of irresistible art and music will include three sections: the Gallery of the Damned, the Dark Courtyard and the Inner Sanctum. The off-kilter art and statues will come to life as visitors proceed through the museum. (Located backstage near Ghostrider, replacing Lockdown: The Asylum)

Pinocchio Unstrung -- Pinocchio embarks on a wild killing spree after the Blue Fairy denies him his final wish. An army of murderous marionettes seeks the flesh of maze visitors to cover Pinocchio's twisted, wooden body. (Located inside Wilderness Dance Hall, replacing the Doll Factory)Trick-Or-

Treat -- The terror-filled maze takes visitors inside a witch's house on Halloween night. For a fee, visitors will get a mask, souvenirs and candy at stations throughout the queue in another first for Knott's. You can tour the maze without paying for the up-charge candy option. (Located backstage near Ghostrider)