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Monday, September 10, 2012

A Taste of Koreatown Still Hungry

A Taste of Koreatown or the Korean BBQ Cook Off with a brand new name took place last Saturday September 8th in K-Town. Meats, Choco-pies, guacamole and spicy tofu were there for crowds of locals and those looking for a good time.

Folks got to taste the good food of BCD Tofu House, Parks and Seoul Sasuage to name a few. The beer garden packed a lot of happy people. The stage had multiple acts throughout the day and there were a few carnival games to try.

The stage always had something to entertain as you can see in the clips. Luckily, the funny and fantastic Choco-Pie eating contest did take place this year once again, sponsored by The Candy Geek and Orion who makes the pies. Five minutes of none stop eating led to a winner eating 27 Chocolate cover morsels. Charlie, the winner from last year once again, he received another iPad for his efforts in eating.

The Spicy Tofu Challenge from the BCD Tofu House, went on throughout the day with multiple contestants on stage drinking down red hot slurps. This was joined by some killer DJ music and a Guacamole demonstration from Chollo House. Chollo House gave out free samples and prizes during their demo. My favorite on stage event might have been The Dance Contest, which blew me away with it's use of the song "Gangnam Style". Contestants had to pull of their best moves for this internet pheneoma song as you can see below.

The festival seemed smaller than last year's and at the rate it keeps moving over, it will be eventually held in the Wilshire Community Center. I felt there were more people last year in attendance as lines for food grew quite large back then, but not so much this year. A Taste of Koreatown didn't give itself much time to announce or promote itself. There wasn't really any growth with booths either. For it's name change, I only saw one or two new businesses minus some past ones. Though it was limited, it was still fun and great place to spend part of your Saturday. I hope the organizers can work together with the community and build a better festival next year.

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