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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Resident Evil 6 Launch Party Flyer Redo

Above is just an early draft for a redesigned flyer for the Resident Evil 6 Launch Party here in LA.
The launch party flyer for Resident Evil 6 below this post is undeserving of the series. For a lark, I thought I'd might try my own redesign of the flyer.
 I'm nowhere done with it and I might trash the whole thing. So why don't you try? Create your own flyer for the Resident Evil 6 Launch Party. If enough people try, maybe I'll make into a contest.

If I had better photoshop or drawing skills, I would have liked to created a flyer with a Umbrella Corporation umbrella like the one above planted on the beach. If you
pre-order through Capcom you get this Umbrella with Resident Evil 6, their site. A leg would be sticking out, but rotting and the info would be blood on the sand.