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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Poster Art of the Disney Parks Review

 Poster Art of the Disney Parks

Poster Art of the Disney Parks is the perfect coffee table book for the disney fan or the fan of design. Multiple artists and styles are showcased in this colorful collection of posters from Disneyland and other Disney theme parks from around the globe. Each section breaks down a land or area of the park. Frontierland, Fantasyland, Tommorowland and more are all shown from their colorful posters. You'll see posters over the course of Disney's history. A section is even devoted to Tokyo DisneySea, which you normally don't hear about.

Sights to behold with bits of info fill the pages of this book. Each land or chapter starts of with an intro explaining the area and a bit about the posters. These sections aren't that long, but give you a push into the subject. What shines are the pages and pages of beautiful Disney posters. The paper is of a higher quality and you can see these huge illustrations at there best. Some are concept pieces, but most are the finished works and reproductions in full page shots.

Tommorowland has to be my favorite section with it's depictions of the many rides that take place within the vision of Sci-Fi and tomorrow. There's a great piece for Star Tours that I thought was created just for Tokyo Disneyland, when I found it online ages ago it was in Japanese. It was funny to see it once again. It's amazing to find out it was made in 1987 and still looks fairly modern.

Don't forget about this book when thinking of something to set out for guests to look at or to study design. These posters capture a small part of the magic of Disneyland and it's hard to capture any bit of it sometimes.