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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Resident Evil 6 Launch Parties We Missed Out On Meat

We had one here in LA, but the one in England looked a bit more meatier.

LA photos- Leen Isabel

Now the British launch was a bit more fun. Wesker and Son just puts a grin on my face as well as the idea of a butcher shop transformed for Resident Evil. Don't forget they had bbq, too. So our party here was all glamour and no meat. I don't no who the party was geared toward, because it sure wasn't gamers. Here's what people like: free food, free t-shirts and being able to talk about the game they're playing without annoying music. LA's launch being at Lure, looked nice and had some nice zombie eye candy, but it missed on giving people a good scare. Instead we got trendy night club action, which you know gamers are known for.

British photos-Lianna Brinded