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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils Review

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Bunny Must die mixes funny anime elements and old school gameplay into a strange adventure platformer of a young girl trying to get rid of cat ears.

You know a game is trying to play with you when gaining the ability to go backwards is a unlocked moved or the the story centers around nuclear cat-splosions.So, story wise you play as Bunny whose been cursed with cat ears, so you'd think she'd be named Kitty, but no. Bunny must go on a quest gaining new abilities and powers and defeating seven boss bad guys to get her curse lifted.

Playing as Bunny you need to learn to jump, dodge and attack with different unlimited powers be it a saber, boomerang and so on all while tranversing odd backgrounds. I found it hard to get her to do moves. I'm not and avid PC gamer and work better with a game controller. On that the game really isn't for me

From what I could accomplish I could see a well built game with much to explore and a lot of small detail and extras. The game is funny with battles such as one where you take on a giant cat and have to mess up it's paws coming at you on screen. The game makes fun of itself and the world it's set in, which is refreshing from all the other titles that take themselves to seriously.

If you want to try a new platformer with a cute girl and Japanese anime humor then try out the demo and see for yourself.

 "Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils, will be released for PC on October 2nd via digital distributors Desura and Gamersgate for $9.99 USD. Other distributors may follow. A Steam release of the game is being pursued via a Steam Greenlight page and will only be allowed on Steam if it receives enough positive votes. Rockin’ Android is actively seeking any and all support and encourages supporters to spread the word. "