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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Marvel's Phase One Delayed Due To Germans

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One has been delayed until Spring due to Germans. The beautiful set covering the Marvel super hero movies on Blu-ray, which I thought I'd be showing off to jealous friends in September seems to have had some problems with licensing. In the strangest licensing case I've heard in a while or I guess ever, well no, there was that one about Spider-Man toys in the 70's I just saw on TV... Sorry, so the issue wasn't with any ownership of the characters like Captain America, but the case is with the case that was going to hold the Blu-rays. The case was based on the German luggage company, Rimowa BhmbH, design and was okay to use in the movies and all the releases and whatever, but not for replicas.
 This remind me of my interview with Rubber director Quentin Dupiex, who explained he couldn't just use any tire for his film, since all treads are copy written. He had to come up with his own treads for his telekinetic tire.

However, Marvel has since released word it will release a different case and even more content. So now the wait is on for all the fans of these films.
 I'm just speculating, but I believe some of the cases must have been produced to meet the Sep 25th  release date. This means those versions of the cases might be sought after by collectors for high prices. The company that was producing might have sent them off to the dump or recycled the plastic. Yet, maybe a few will survive and you'll see one, one day.
I just hope Phase 2 comes with the Infinity Gauntlet.