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Monday, October 3, 2011

Princess Bubble Gum Halloween Costume Time

Soon Halloween will be upon us so I might be showcasing some Adventure Time cosplay in the some future AT updates.

New episode today "Apple Theif" with the not dead Tree Trunks. Then for a Halloween Treat we have "The Creeps" set for next week as the Halloween special
There's some thoughts by Pen Ward on an Adventure Time video game on GSW that one of my favorite blog writers, Matt Hawkins, brought up. I totally have to grill him though, because he messed up and wrote
"The first two seasons just came out on DVD yesterday", which isn't true. Only a hand full of episodes came out on DVD on the Adventure Time My Two Favorite People DVD. As I wrote earlier, collector's editions will be coming out sometime later. So I guess he isn't really a fan of the show.

Matt also brings up how the Land of Ooo is set on a post-apocalyptic earth like levels a planet in Kirby video game universe.

Below is some more art from crew member Natasha