Thursday, March 12, 2020

Round 1 Burbank Opens Saturday

The arcade/bowling alley/ karaoke center, Round 1 is finally set to open up in the Burbank Town Center Mall. It's opening up this Saturday March 14th at 10am.

Round 1 comes from Japan, but this chain of arcades and more has been in the USA for years. The closes Round 1's were in the outskirts of LA, usually taking and hour thirty or more to get to. We've written before about our love of them. Now, we have one in the Valley, not so far away.

The big difference-you might be asking, "Why is this better than Dave and Buster's?"-they get arcade machines from Japan. Since the company is from Japan, it's a lot easier for them to import the latest arcade machines from their home country. And they always have a better selection of hard to find arcade machines.

Let's hope they have the latest Taiko Drum Master. A favorite of this site. It's a rhythm game where you beat out anime theme songs and more on a huge taiko drum! Of course, with provided drum sticks.

And the DDR community we'll surely rejoice.

Here's all the other info we have. Oh, and the first 200 people in on March 14th get free t-shirts.

Round 1
Burbank Town Center
Mon-Sun 10AM-2AM
201 E Magnolia Blvd, Burbank,
Burbank, CA 91502

We haven't seen any other coverage from any other news outlets in LA about it. And it's taken almost 2 and half years for the place to open since we first heard the announcement. The Round 1 corporation has given scant updates over all this time on when it was gonna open. It was actually suppose to open in 2019, but something must have happened.

Oh, and forget the food there. It stinks! It's one of Round 1's foibles. The food is below consumer grade. Just eat in the food court or outside.