Thursday, March 19, 2020

Things To Play: Chrono Trigger & Vitamin Connection

With that extra indoor time, why not play some video games. And, yes, the painfully obvious Animal Crossing and Doom Eternal are some great choices, but here's some others.

Chrono Trigger
Oh look, a very beloved time-traveling JRPG from the 90's. It's from Square Enix, well, technically it's from when they were just Square. The Enix would come later. From the same company that gave us Final Fantasy comes a game using art by Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball). No, not Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger.

Basic concept, forget that. It's time to uh, time travel and possibly fix history. You'll start off as the young kid Chrono on an unassuming millennial festival, no, not that kind of Millennial. This one celebrates the last 1,000 years. Chrono gets mixed up in your average gotta save the damsel in distress deal. But, then an unfair ruling at a legal hearing and the destruction of the world make the stakes a bit bigger. You'll be joined by friends from different eras with different elemental powers to fight mutants, monsters, robots and dinosaurs. Or, y'know the world ends in the future. You were just enjoying the day at the fair...

The games on Steam now, but if you can get it on DS or Vita, PS3 we recommend it on those more. Apparently, the Steam version isn't the best, but is the easiest way to get the game. Sadly, not on Switch or any current console.

Vitamin Connection

This fun new game from WayForward has you piloting a pill ship with a compadre. Yes, it's couch co-op goodness. A friend holds one Joy-Con vertically to move and shoot, and another friend holds another Joy-Con horizontally to rotate and aim.You'll be transversing inside of people and will have to move around much like a slow shump. The overall game looks like a fun anime series for kids and even has a story about you as Vita-Boy and Mina-Girl trying to stop an infection in a family household.

*That's pretty well-timed as we're writing this during the Coronavirus outbreak of 2020.