Sunday, March 8, 2020

The Nintendo PlayStation Might Be On View For Us Next Year

You could see it in person next year, maybe
News just dropped that a Mr. Greg McLemore, won the auction on the Nintendo PlayStation that's a rare piece of video game history. Back from a time when Nintendo and Sony were amicable business partners, Sony made the sound chips for the SNES. Before, Nintendo stabbed them in the back and made a deal with Phillips, causing Sony to literally create its on console out of spite to get back at Nintendo. That special console that cost $380,000 to Mr.McLemore  and could have changed history might be on display at the USC Pacific Asia Museum.

As told by The Gamer:

"Now it appears that the Nintendo PlayStation will spend time in several locations. McLemore is currently speaking with the USC Pacific Asia Museum in California who are planning an interactive gaming exhibition in the spring and summer of 2021, where the Nintendo PlayStation could be shown."

Who even knew USC Pacific Asia Museum was doing anything cool like an interactive video game exhibit in the first place?

The badly titled USC Pacific Asia Museum does currently have an interesting exhibit going on until April 26. You can essentially walk into a painting, pretty manga panel.

Oscar Oiwa: Dreams of a Sleeping World
Now – April 26, 2020
Pacific Asia Museum
46 North Los Robles Avenue
Pasadena, California 91101

from the museum site:
"The immersive art of Oscar Oiwa: Dreams of a Sleeping World asks visitors a poignant question indicative of this historical moment: What do we do when we are paralyzed by the chaos of our times? Oiwa is concerned that when the noise of our everyday world impedes our radiant minds, we shut down. In this gravitational pull of “sleep” we look to our dreams to reset, searching our subconscious for nourishment and hoping for wisdom to better face the dysfunction of our world. To that end, Oiwa invites visitors to enter his 360° dreamscape to transform the clenched fist of our hearts into open hands."