Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Alamo Drafthouse Streaming Too

Alamo Drafthouse has thrown it's hat into the ring as well, when its come to streaming. They're showing special screenings and content under the banner of Alamo-At-Home Virtual Cinema Experience! Experience! Experience!

Starting today, Tuesday, you can watch their well known Terror Tuesday and next week they"ll have Weird Wednesday. Sadly, it will alternate between Terror Tuesday and Weird Wednesday each week. So, no two in the same week. You pay to watch the film, like if you were renting to stream it. But they deliver extra Drafthouse content like their well-known pre-show, intro and then more info on what you watched on their website Birth.Movies.Death.

Right now, there doesn't seem to be a dedicated site to search through for all this stuff, just links to follow through Drafthouse's social media. It's kind of annoying to find the content.

Here's a list of bigger theatrical releases from the Birth.Movies.Death website. As of writing this, links weren't working  on 3/31.

However, this link is working
So, you can watch a super weird horror film with all that extra Drafthouse content for $7.25.

Next week we get the 4K restoration of Godmonster of Indian Flats on Wednesday.