Monday, March 30, 2020

All Upcoming Animated Series We Care About: Part 1

My good friends, there might be one thing to get us through these trying times. Cartoons! Here's a list of animated series coming out on a plethora of platforms, be they streaming or terrestrial TV. It looks like all for streaming. There's quite a lot of cartoon goodness coming our way from many of our animator friends who worked on some of our favorites from Cartoon Network.

And then you have Nickelodeon, ehhh. Which, doesn't have anything on this list.
-Nickelodeon once ruled kids TV. Can it make a comeback? 

Close Enough

-From the creator of Regular Show, J. G. Quintel, comes his crazy adult focused sitcom. From the trailer it seems to be about a young couple becoming parents with wacky cool friends. One of them seems to just be a friendlier version of How Did This Gets Made?'s Jason Mantzoukas and is voiced by Jason himself.

If a fan of Regular Show (and we are) it looks like a no-brainer to fall in-love with this new show. Also, doesn't hurt that it's set in LA.

A bit of looking back and you see this cartoon was suppose to come out on TBS years ago. But, big shake-ups in the ownership of TBS and the show to be part of an animation block with a Louis C.K. made cartoon ended that from happening. Because of this, more than likely we're only getting the 13 episodes that were made and not getting anymore unless there's a huge amount of fan love for it.

Solar Opposites
May 8 

From Justin Roiland, the screaming drunk who we think won't probably live throughout the entire run of Rick & Morty (alcohol/car accident) comes a show about some aliens pretending to be humans living on Earth. Their home planet seems to be destroyed and now they're just trying to fit in.

We'll give anything from Roiland a shot, but it's missing the component of Dan Harmon, the other half behind Rick and Morty. Another ding is the trailer we've posted with this, it has that awful use of classic music as either now music from the series was available or just lazy pr. Serenade No. 13 from Mozart  It means  usually whatever the movie is, is rushed out our an inferior product.

Looney Tunes Cartoons

Ehhhhh, What's up Doc?

Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes, hopefully minus Lola Bunny, our back in the newest iteration after many, many failed attempts to bring them back to their former glory.

We have Uncle Grandpa's Peter Browngardt in charge of it and we have to say the animation so far has been on par from the stuff from the 1930's.

We just ain't sure about if it's still as funny. Animation down, check. Same humor. We, dunno.

10 shorts aired at a film festival to date with the audience giving it a thumbs up, but other than that and the trailer above we don't know much about these new toons. 


With updates on social media and the trades we know an Animaniacs reboot was suppose to come out this year on Hulu. From relatively unknown Wellesley Wild who worked on Family Guy; it's not the name we would think of associating with it. The original voice cast is coming back, but other than that there's not even a trailer.

The best concern so far online is if the well-endowed Hello Nurse will be allowed to say in the show or be written out like the very ample sized Ms. Bellum for Powerpuff Girls was taken out for it's reboot. If so, we'll miss the cleavage.

Unknown air date
C.H. Greenblatt was given the keys to take over Hanna-Barbera's classic anthropomorphic animals. Greenblatt gave us the likes of Chowder on Cartoon Network after working on The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. He knows his stuff and seems like the perfect choice for wacky adventures with these iconic rip-offs of dead celebrities reborn and remembered as talking animals.

Inside Job
Unknown air date 

This cartoon is set in a shadow government office and isgonna be a work-place comedy. It comes from a writer who worked on both Gravity Falls and Regular Show, Shion Takeuchi. It looks like it'll have a female lead having to deal with all the different conspiracies that are believed to exist.