Thursday, May 17, 2018

Round 1 Coming To Burbank Mall ... 2019

Well, the Burbank Town Center will finally have something in it new and worth going to. Sure, it's open now, but there hasn't been anything that amazing or new that sets itself up as a redone mall...until now.

We just spotted on the Round 1 site, that by 2019, Burbank will get a Round 1. Round 1 is like a much better version of Dave & Buster's. It's an arcade, bowling alley and karaoke parlor all in one. And it's home base is in Japan, so they have a ton of special arcade games we never get here in the US.

There are three Round 1s a bit far out of LA, but if you visit them it's crazy how big they are, the list of arcade titles and all the different stuff you can play. I mean the manage to cram in darts and ping pong too and a little diner for cheap eats.

This will probably kill the All Amusement Fun Center Arcade that's already there, that had a lot of controversy about having to leave when the construction started. Eeeesssh.