Wednesday, March 11, 2020

WonderCon 2020 Still Happening; Good Luck Getting A Ring Fit

As of writing this WonderCon Apr 10-12 and Comic-Con are still on. The people behind the events are monitoring the news just as much as we are and also no one has officially dropped out from going. It looks like as long as the mouse is about; Anaheim is fine with large groups of people visiting. Because if WonderCon goes down, so does Disneyland.

Here's some of the latest on people and booths visiting.

via CBR

Read up on Wired about how you ain't getting no Ring Fit anytime soon unless you want to pay a premium.

Coronavirus Fears Spark a Run on Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure

It's due to both high demand with everyone stuck at home and the scarcity of the product, that is made in China.