Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Will WonderCon 2020 Happen?

Oh, we really hope so. It's a month away now. And we're as worried as you are about it not happening. We'll skip ahead and tell you as of writing this there's no word on cancellation, but some problems with exhibitors nearby.

Pax East in Boston last weekend was a peace of cake. Everything went okay on the East Coast. Fears over the Coronavirus seem to be gaining traction over hear on the West Coast, though. As many of our readers might know the GDC (Game Developer's Conference) in San Francisco was cancelled and now big names are pulling out of Emerald City Comic Con, March 12-15 in Seattle. As of right now DC, Dark Horse and Penguin Books are out. Those names are familiar as they often attend WonderCon. And those are big names for the con.

Sadly, as of writing this, WonderCon doesn't have a list of exhibitors for the 2020 event. But if DC and the others pulled out of Seattle, it's unlikely that these usual booths will be placated by early April to be back at WonderCon.

WonderCon has shown no signs of not going on this year, but it be nice if they sent out a reminder on their social media or an official statement. Another long time convention in the LA area, AX (Anime Expo) said it's still happening to make sure fans know what's up.

Another problem that faces WonderCon might not be able to go on if too many exhibitors pull out. That's what seems put the final nail in the coffin of the GDC, more and more exhibitors left the convention.

We can only hope that WonderCon takes place this year. Saturday is almost sold-out says their Twitter feed. Fans from all over want to meet-up and celebrate anime, games, movies, comics and TV shows.

Don't let fear win. Just remember to be cleanly and that all the food nearby sucks anyway. So, bring your own or take a Lyft to a restaurants little ways away. And we would tell you that anyway, because we hate the food and prices there.

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