Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Streaming Services To Try: Quibi, TokuSHOUTsu & The Criterion Channel

Well, Quibi is suppose to be up and running next month. The format is different as episodes are suppose to be under ten minutes and can be viewed on your phone horizontally or vertically. Everything for Qubi is shot in a way that no matter how you hold your phone, it was shot in the correct format you'll be watching it in. And they do want people to mainly view on their phone or tablets. It's gonna have a ton of content from many well known directors.

A nice deal is a 90 day free trail their suppose to be sending via an e-mail if you sign up at their site now. We did it a few days ago, but still haven't gotten any e-mails.

Qubi won't officially be up until April 6th

via /Flim

TokuSHOUTsu is a channel on the free streaming service Pluto TV. It's from Shout Factory and with it comes a catalog of all the sentai rangers aka Power Rangers before they get Americanized over here. So, they have countless hours of horrifying monsters getting beat up by robots.

Starting on March 17th at midnight will be the first time Kamen Rider, the original Kamen Rider, will start being shown in full to the US. Well, we're not sure because Hawaii use to get a ton of Japanese super hero shows, but for right now and the best guest of io9, it's the first time it comes to America.

The Criterion Channel, yes! A huge, huge selection of hard to find films with extras. This channel almost died when the last major merger occurred, but then it came back stronger than ever. For movie buffs or people trying to find the hardest of recommendations, this is for you. You're gonna want to use this service to see movies in a great format.

Criterion cares and knows about quality. It's considered the top brand in showcasing films and showing them in the best format.

A 14-day free trial is pretty sweet to do right now.