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Friday, March 20, 2020

Game Hype: Assemble with Care, MAQUETTE & Mini Motorways

Assemble with Care
Out March 26 Steam

This game, from the same people who brought you Monument Valley, has you fixing all sort of items from the 80's. It looks to be a puzzle game, but puzzles that you could solve in the real world, by repairing a lot of 80's tech like a Walkman or a gameboy. It just looks, re'al pre'tay. And won awards before it makes it to Steam next week.

We really want to learn more and play this puzzling puzzler, MAQUETTE. It seems you might be stuck within a world within a world. And that creates for a lot of fun trying to figure you way out. And at the same time a lady is totally hitting on you...or at least in the trailer.

Mini Motorways

Made by the perfectly chill people who made Mini Metro, Dinosaur Polo Club has done it again with Mini Motorways. This time you've got minimalist design to look at as you plan the best way for cities around the world to let their cars get around. Yup, you control the roads and have to plan the best routes for tiny little cars to get around town without clogging traffic. A game to passively play and make sure you don't cause care accidents or look like the 101 or 405.