Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Things To Stream: Not For Resale: A Video Game Store Documentary, Beforeigners & The Neighbor (El vecino)

Not For Resale: A Video Game Store Documentary
You can find the movie on YouTube and Google Play too

A doc to listen to while doing something else. Not a bad review, just simply not that fascinating, but something mellow to have on in the background. It's all about video game stores and the people who work in them around the country vs buying games digitally. Both have problems and convenience. The doc goes back on forth on the subject. And, why indie games could only exists thanks to a digital market, It ends with a museum that we wish was in LA. A look into the National Video Game Museum! Road Trip! Special report from TTDILA one day.

via HBO

It's like every cop show you've seen...although, people are time-traveling from the past to modern time and no one knows why. Set in Norway, a cop team, comprised of a time-rehab-drug using, divorced dude and a former shield maiden have to solve crimes. The whole twist makes it watchable and having places in the story devoted to the cultures from other eras is always fun and cringy look at our on modern world. Viking DJ party anyone? But that's giving the writer's way too much credit. Because most of the show is naked people and the same cop show problems you've seen dozens of times over.

Subtitled, because it's from Norway

The Neighbor (El vecino)

This one is basically on the list only because one of our favorite directors, Nacho Vigalondo (Colossal, Pooka!) directed the first episode. That seems to be the end of his involvement, but the show really does seems like something that comes from his work. A nobody, down on his luck, gets super powers and must learn to use them for good. At the same time he has to hide his newfound powers from his ex-girlfriend.

Subtitled, because it's from Spain