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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Round 1 Revisited

Round 1 out at the Puente Hills Mall still features a wide assortment of games fresh from Japan. Not to mention bowling, karaoke (sucks there), billiards, darts & ping pong. In our latest visit we got to try some of the latest from Japan including Silent Scope Bone Eater which has a two screen system of taking out targets. We also tried Space Invaders Frenzy, which goes down so fast it's just robbing you of credits.

First off, you'll need eagle eyes to spy the new Silent Scope, they put it in a terrible location near a Disney baby machine called Tsum-Tsum or something. Anyway, this fresh new Silent Scope has you being a sniper once again, now set in the future. It has some great visuals and a bizarre two screen overlay system. Missions are pretty straightforward, shoot the bad guys!

*They're are secrets to shoot at in game; we loved the Easter Island heads, Moai, floating around on some sort of a war plane.

Space Invaders Frenzy is another fun the few seconds you'll play it. It's a giant game of Space Invaders with fun controls that looks like lazer guns, but it goes by so fast we doubt you'll play for less than a minute.

We didn't think of giving it a chance, but Cruis'n Blast came back again in 2016. This racer retains the fun from years ago with five insane courses and some just bonkers racing. See if you can unlock the dinosaur as a race car!

A sadly forgettable game is Magician's Dead. It has motion controls. You can cast spells with your hands and jeez is there a learning curve. Even though a lot of it is in English the game isn't that straightforward. We found ourselves getting bored quick with such a cool idea with it being a tedious vs game with bad controls. Frankly, it should have been first person and on a track. Just casting magic spells with your hands is fun enough.

It's hours of entertainment with so many games to try. We didn't even do justice to all the insane rhythm games there. They also have one of our favorites, Taiko Drum Master and of course are old friend that needs a new screen, Elevator Action Death Parade.

Round 1
1600 S Azusa Ave #285, City of Industry, CA 91748