Monday, March 23, 2020

Why Weren't Penises Cut Off, Larry? The Season Finale of Curb Your Enthusiam, Eh

What should have ended this season of Curb Your Enthusiasm was an unwanted bris. I mean Johnsons being jacked. Wieners getting wacked. C%3*s being cut-off! Instead we tread in with some mediocre flops.

Since, we first saw the Pee Cube, invented by Larry; a new take on the urinal, earlier this season. We thought, "Oy, that's gonna sting!" They're shouldn't be a shutting door anywhere near one's penis. Especially, sliding.

Now with the season finale episode set-up with the big Johnson club, and much talk of man bits knocking over stuff, we thought,"Oh, here's some surprise castration." Instead, we get, meh.

What a waste of Paul Scheer and another bald shaft.