Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Japan, Hey, Make Better Films That Aren't Anime

The title below is just a small part of a good look at Japan's film industry in
Why Parasite’s success is forcing a reckoning in Japan’s film industry for Vox, which is what Polygon, the gaming site is a part of.

Now, that title is really a lie, because while reading it you get no sense of change or anything other than some Japanese film industry types not liking the Cool Japan Fund. There's no reckoning coming. There's no modernization happening. What really is broken down is that the Cool Japan Fund, which is suppose to promote Japanese culture abroad, like Japan House here in LA, is wasting money on frivolous PR stunts and things people won't care about it. Essentially, the article is saying the Japanese government doesn't give money to Japanese film makers or support them. But, it goes through it a lot more.

The article is a bit of click-bait with the Parasite info and how Korea is better with it's support of artists. But it easily, could have been on Japan's film industry and its many problems. The writer could have also easily gone over the differences with Europe or America or any place and how hard it is to get funding from the government and compare it to Korea.

It kind of like a kick in the d*%k for Japan whose live action film industry is mostly like ours with only making known IPs into movies. They do it a lot more for games or anime being turned into live action films on not great budgets.

I would have loved to have seen a comparison to China and how people are treated in the industry over there and their attempts to make films liked abroad. Because, China, so far, really sucks at making films that matter other than owning a big piece of them through financing.