Monday, November 3, 2014

Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary Art Update

Goku VS Vegeta by Alejandro M G Magnozz

Guardian Piccolo by Jason Cryer
Have you been checking out the official Tumblr for the upcoming Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary art show at Q Pop Nov 15? It covers androids to nosebleeds.

If that cosplayer who dresses like Master Roshi in Little Tokyo reads this, please come. If you're are friend of Master Roshi, get That perverted Turtle Hermit to the show!

Just looks at some of the work and with two weeks to go it just makes me want to shout even more! Ahhhhhhh!!!! Power up to these preview pieces!

Cell Playset by Javier Jimenez
"Android 18" by Kasey Brianne Williams
Hermit Roshi by Michael Mateyko (KOMBOH)