Tuesday, November 18, 2014

World Tournament Power Up Contest Results

We have the winners from the Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary World Tournament Power Up Contest!
See it all unfold above! The screams shocked the land of Little Tokyo. People didn't complain it ruined their karaoke experience, but made it better. Right outside, Q2's opening show of a tribute to thirty years of Dragon Ball, men transformed into something beyond men. Something super. And they did this by yelling really LOUD!

Here are your winners!
Emiliano G. 1st Place
Ronald H. 2nd Place
Richard U. 3rd Place

All contestants won a copy of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Z from Bandai Namco Games, Dragonball XenoVerse, is coming out this February 13, 2015. The first place winner one the game plus his very own Goku statue also sponsored from Bandai. All contestants also won a copy of the Saiyan Arc in color from Viz Media.