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Friday, November 14, 2014

Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary/Akira Toriyama Tribute Show Final Reminder

Q2, 319 E 2nd Street Suite 121 Los Angeles, CA 90012
Opening Night: Saturday, November 15 at 7:00pm - 10:00pm
For a full list of artists and up to the date info visit the Facebook Event Page
We have it happening soon! The final time between now and when you can see the world of DBZ through the eyes of artists from all over Earth. Over 80 artists have put their pieces forward for the show in tribute of not just the best anime to ever grace the planet Earth, but the man behind it Akira Toriyama. Worked based on Dragon Ball, Dr. Slump and even odder creations will all be revealed.

That's not the finale though!
Things To Do In LA is holding a World Martial Arts Tournament Power Up and Dragon Ball Cosplay Contest opening night. Fans in attendance can win prizes sponsored Bandai Namco games, Bandai Namco reminds us all that DBZ will be in games over and over again with DragonBall XenoVerse coming out this February. Viz has donated manga for the contest too. Video games and manga for winning at cosplay and yelling? Does it get any better?
Fans can win by pretending to power-up as best as they can like their favorite Dragon Ball warriors or by dressing up like their favorite characters from the series. The opening night’s crowd will vote for the best power up warriors and best cosplayer. Sign-ups will posted at the event. It all starts around 8pm.