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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Holiday Ho-Down: Sweaters and Socks

We in LA don't usually wear them, because even when it's cold it's not cold enough to wear one. Still if you have an ugly sweater party, want to show off your love of games or just want to be warm we have our guide to keep you dying from leaking heat.

Or at least we would SweaterFest 2 is sold out

Our favorites from Gamer Heaven in England, have to be the Street Fighter Official Christmas Sweater and Playstation Official Christmas Sweater. Though there are many more choices to ring in the New Year. or ring the neck of your opponent in a match.

 There video game socks are hard to pass on too. Sonic and Street Fighters keeps your toes warm.

W have Shredder's , not the Ninja Turtles' enemy, showing off some sweaters that will turn heads. Why not have Drive's Scorpion Jack in Sweater from or a Satanist symbol on your belly?