Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sarah Pavani Had No Point In Covering the LA Auto Show

The LA Times is doing a awful job covering the LA Auto Show. Sarah Pavani's article, "L.A. Auto Show: How cars will read your mind in the future" was such a fluff piece it makes me wonder why her editor even put out the story.

She also doesn't make much sense mixing up gaming consoles and office technology:

"This type of technology would be similar to what’s used in conference rooms today -- using wands to control pixels across computers, displays and operating systems, similar to Xbox’s Kinect. "

The Xbox Kinect uses hand gestures and voice commands, wands was the PS3. What wands is she referring to in conferences, does she mean a remote? I have a remote for my TV and one for my old Mac TV, we don't call them wands. And referencing a Kinect?  That's a bit out-dated does anything use Kinect anymore?

The reference to the movie Her went nowhere:

"Think of the technology in Spike Jonze’s movie “Her,” for example -- a unique experience where an algorithm was able to anticipate a user’s needs."

Nothing like the program from Her was written about in the article. Actually, known of it was proven technology, just some quotes on what people would like in their cars. She didn't even need to go to the Auto Show for that.