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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Semi-Celebrity Super Smash Bros Fight Club

Nintendo wasted money on a Semi-Celebrity event here in LA for Super Smash Bros. Can you name any of the celebrities? I sure can't. Oh, Nintendo of America, stick to the free events for fans. No one cares about this stuff and it's a waste of money.

Remember kids at home, help Nintendo by telling how dumb it is and when it wastes money. Nintendo, show your fans you care with events catered towards them, like the Smash Tournament at Staples Center. I heard of some Super Smash Bros tournaments around LA you held with GameStop. Keep doing that.

The last photo here is really creepy, it's Zelda Williams, the daughter of Robin Williams. He named her after Zelda, she's wearing a Peach outfit. Weird.

Nintendo, stick to the fun commercials and free events. Not creepy photos of dead celebrities off-spring. She's a voice actress, she didn't make it into being seen.

Urkel did show up too, does anybody remember him?