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Monday, November 24, 2014

Adventure Time Time: New Episodes This Week

"Ice King stood at the window of his castle.
“I HATE Christmas,” he cried out. “What a miserable hassle!
People celebrating, dancing and stuff!
To them all I say, ‘Bah! Hum butt!!!’”

from A Christmas-tastic Carol
Illustrator: Emily Warren

This week we have four new episodes of the show to be thankful for and a lot of merchandise both fictional and real to look for. Has anyone spotted any new Finn and Jake Christmas ornaments?

Artist Volatile-Vertex re-imagines the cast as Batman characters, guess who Mr. Freeze is? Check 360 views here.

-a Guinness World Record breaking whoopee cushion made in France with Jake's face from Pen Ward's Twitter.

-Art from Jean Liang's attempt to do an episode of Adventure Time that never worked out.  I guess it was titled "Reality Mounting"

-I want the map from Adventure Time's takeover of a Bahama hotel. Look at how it was made.