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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Animation Breakdown 2014 and CTN Expo Nov 21-23

Cartoons will be celebrated  starting next week with Animation Breakdown. And like many events taking place at the Cinefamily at least two of them look worthwhile to go to.

Animation Breakdown 2014
Nov 20-24
The Cinefamily
Starts at $12

The worst events have to be the night with Superjail creator Christy Karacas and full of himself Ben Jones and friends who don't realize ADHD failed on Saturdays. Sure, two of the shows got picked up, we assume one is Axe Cop for series, but the rest of the concept failed. If Ben Jones can fit his head into the Cienfamily, the night will be a lot of bro hi-fives and hipster ego jacking off. This even does have Sony Animation as a sponsor... so yeah, wasn't expecting anything that great.

In the things that won't be a waste of your time department you have the Animation Breakdown Roundup!: Beyond Anime;Nov 23, picked by Alex McDonald and Kevin Sukho Lee, a showcase of off the wall anime shorts and the strangest stuff they could find from Japan. Newgrounds: Everything By Everyone;Nov 23 will have the master of grounds of new flash, Tom Fulp himself. Maybe, just maybe he'll tell us of a new video game that will take four years to make. It's a night of Newgrounds on the big screen, and at least they know that there stuff sucks... I really hate the work of Ben Jones.

Check out the full schedule here, maybe give some other animator a chance. Not Watershed Down, it sucks.

CTN Expo just happens to be the same week. The long time animation expo is a great place for animators to network, find jobs, or if just starting out get laid find what school you want to go to. Panels, workshops and some of the top animators will be there as it's not very far from where they work, like ten minutes from where they all work. It does take place at the Burbank Marriot, the ugliest convention center we have, people lie and say it's nice, it's not.

CTN Expo
Nov 21-23
Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel
Starts $115