Friday, November 21, 2014

Sassony Arcade Closed

The iconic arcade of downtown ate it's last quarter in October as the entire building was sold. Arcades machines and pool tables were sold off on Craigslist. Though it was nowhere near as clean as the brand new Dave & Buster's on Hollywood it was a total old-school arcade, one of the last of LA and the US.

You may have seen it as you passed it on Broadway, never knowing it was the same arcade from the "Bishop of Battle" segment of the Nightmares film or the scene from Rocky III where Paulie throws a bottle of liquor at a Rocky pinball machine.

Now it's gone, making way for news shops and businesses for the downtown area.

We last reviewed it a few years back and it was in no good shape. Machines were cannibalized from one another, strange Japanese language arcade unites were hard to understand and even a horse racing game stood out. People from a nameless electronic store attached to it would clean the floor, while old men played pool in the back.

Sassony never tried to get caught up with the modern age. No website, Facebook page, Twitter or any home console play inside it. It was a genuine old-school arcade that's now faded away.

Will Oculus game centers replace it?