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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Royce's Arcade Warehouse Free Arcade on Saturdays

You might see a ghost on Plumber. He might be blue. You might see a sign with dots pointing further ahead when heading down Topanga.What's it all mean? Then you'll see signs saying free arcade.

For the past six months, Royce's Arcade Warehouse has been open for free on Saturdays in Chatsworth. The business is one year old, but has already served businesses like Funny or Die who rent their machines for their offices for their employees and guests to play.

Walking up and seeing classic titles like Sunset Riders, Super Mario Bros and Cruis'n World is a dream come true for any video game fan. Last Saturday, TTDILA checked on the venue and it was a paradise of gaming. All machines (that were on) were ready to play and not asking for quarters. After passing the snack bar, which is cheap, you head into a warehouse of titles that you may have never seen.
Royce D'Orazio

The Voyager Arcade Cabinet? Time to blast the Borg with phasers and save Seven of Nine. Did the Borg's chest ever explode before or did parts fall off of them where we could see their insides in any episode? Who cares, blast them and move your butt Harry Kim!

It's one of many titles that Royce D'Orazio has in store for you. The owner has his name in the title of the business, a business he says where, "Our inventory changes weekly." So the games you play on Saturdays change too. He also explained the companies main service, "We rent arcade machines for the home or office for just $100 a month. Free local delivery and repair. We even trade you games monthly like Netflix. 3 month minimum subscription is required. No one else is America is offering such a plan."

So why does he have a free arcade? "This is how I advertise the business. We rent sell, repair and do parties! The more people I can reach the better, " Royce answeredIt's not that bad a way to get the word out, try the machines yourself before getting them for a party.

There were some very strange titles ready for play when we toured the place. Royce mentioned a title, "One of my favorite games is our Arm Champs II arm wrestling game, the kids and adults both go crazy trying to beat that game."

I asked him about the most boring game he had, he answered with, "That's a tricky question, I find Sprint 2 to be boring, but only because it is so outdated and archaic. I am sure it was quite impressive when it was first released."

Royce plans to head out to the Amusement Expo in Vegas this Fall. It's an event showing off all the latest arcade games. He might be showing off older titles, but as he said the inventory of the store changes often. Royce told, "I intend to keep the Saturday's going as long as we can." So be sure to check it out and maybe start renting Metal Slug for your garage.

Royce's Arcade Warehouse
21819 Plummer St 
Chatsworth, CA 91311
(252) 543-9723 
Open Saturdays 
Check their website for times