Thursday, November 20, 2014

Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie and Expelled From Paradise In Theaters

Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie starts tomorrow at the Downtown Independent
Based on the popular anime and manga series Naruto: Shippuden. Sixteen years ago, the Fourth Hokage sealed the Nine-Tailed Fox spirit that had ravaged the Village Hidden in the Leaves away in his newborn son Naruto, giving up his own life and that of his wife. Since then, Naruto has become an established shinobi. But when the eight members of the criminal organization Akatsuki return from the grave, Naruto and his teammate Sakura are transported to a parallel world in which Naruto's parents are still alive. Here, Naruto must face the most difficult decision he has ever had to make: find a way back and defeat the Akatsuki, or remain in this world where he can finally learn what it's like to have a family.
Friday, November 21st: 5:00PM
Saturday, November 22nd: 3:30PM 
Sunday, November 23rd: 2:00PM, 8:00PM
Monday, November 24th: 9:00PM
Tuesday, November 25th: 5PM
Wednesday, November 26th: 7PM

Expelled From Paradise comes to theaters this December. Per usual, this release has it coming to LA's Downtown Independent for a limited release as well. It's a sci-fi western with cuttung edge animation.